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Blow Dryer's Guide to Brushes - Are you using the right one?

August 31, 2018

Do you ever leave the salon wondering how to recreate that perfect blowout you just received? The key is using the proper tools for your hair type and desired style. Let’s touch on a few basics today: 

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The Round Brush 

This universal brush is used to create volume, waves, and smoothness. The larger the barrel, the softer the curve of the hair. If you have thick, coarse hair, a round brush with nylon bristles may be best as they detangle and glide through thicker hair easier than their boar bristle cousin.


The boar bristle round brush is great for fine to medium texture and creates a smooth cuticle while stimulating the scalp and distributing oils. Round brushes are great for creating multiple styles and the most popular brush used in the salon to create those beautiful blowouts we all love. 


Best Salon in Florence South Carolina


The Paddle Brush

If you prefer minimum volume, have extra thick or coarse textured hair, this is the brush for you. Paddle brushes detangle easily and are most convenient for long hair blowouts at home. They tame frizz and leave your hair flyaway free. As I mentioned with the round brdush, nylon bristles are best for thicker hair while boar bristles are the go-to on fine to medium texture. 


The Vent Brush 
Last but not least is the vent brush. This is used more frequently for quick blowouts on shorter hair as they create a faster dry time and are easy to navigate through all hair types. Curly thick hair will benefit from the use of a vent brush as to not disrupt the hairs wave pattern. 

Don’t forget - brushing wet hair is not ideal! It can cause breakage. Detangle first with a wide tooth comb and blow dry your hair about 75% with your fingers before sectioning with clips and using your selected brush. 

Stay tuned for one more blog in this series!

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