Grooming Essentials Kit

This is the essentials kit you've always needed, designed and tested by Master Barbers.

We hand-selected our best selling items for this kit so that you or someone you're shopping for can have full control over their hair and beard, keeping them healthy and nourished at the same time!

Most grooming products are full of chemicals that can damage the hair and fragrances that smell awful.

We use all-natural ingredients from ethical sources and essential oils that are expertly blended to create the best grooming products we could imagine. 

These will be exclusively available at a highly discounted rate for Cyber Monday only!

Everyday Grooming Kit includes full sized units of: 

- Matte Clay Pomade 

- Beard Oil - choose your own scent! 

- Shampoo 

- Conditioner 

- Lip Balm 

- Handmade Kent OT Comb 

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