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feel confident cutting hair

trust your abilities knowing you have all of the fundamental knowledge you need to approach any haircut with confidence.


unlock your creativity

broaden your perspective to break out of your own box. challenge your habits and add new looks to your arsenal.


grow your clientele & earn more
increase your haircut value, learn how to build your clientele, and find yourself in high demand.

barber formula


the formula for success as a barber is clear:

deliver high-quality haircuts consistently and build relationships.

unfortunately, most schools prepare you for a license test, not the real world.


at mailroom academy, you will learn precision haircutting, a reliable system that ensures your client gets a great haircut every time they’re in the chair.


you will learn how we grow our clientele and build relationships at mailroom.

here's what you'll learn


confidently execute precision haircuts on any client.

build a loyal clientele who will keep coming back for more.

increase the value of your haircut services.


here is what you will learn:

fundementals of precision

clipper mastery

how to build your clientele

from guesswork to confidence - robert watkins

“when i started cutting hair, i was guessing my way through haircuts and watching YouTube videos trying to figure out how to do clipper work. i learned enough to get by but i didn’t feel confident cutting all types of hair.


when i discovered precision haircutting, it changed my life. i learned from some of the best in the industry (sassoon, glassbox, menspire, hair in motion) and gained skills with scissors, learned the best methods for clipper work, and gained a theoretical understanding that gives me the ability to work confidently with any client who sits in my chair.


now i feel grateful i get to pass down the tradition. i began MAILROOM academy to teach barbers and stylists how to use precision haircutting and help them grow confident in their abilities like i did.


i’m excited to share the knowledge that changed my life and opened the doors to the success i’ve enjoyed in my career."


- robert watkins
owner & founder
mailroom academy

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increase your value right now.

a great haircut starts with a great plan.


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what the community is saying

"approach any haircut with confidence"

“i used to be nervous taking on new styles, but the tutorials on the academy broke everything down step-by-step. now i feel confident tackling anything that walks through the door."

- cameron, p.

"next level"

“MAILROOM academy has helped me take my skills to the next level. i'm now able to give my clients the haircuts they've always wanted, and my business is booming.”

- luke, h.

"challenged & guided"

“i never thought i could take my career online. the MAILROOM community has been such a great resource for sharing tips and motivation. it's like having a built-in network of supportive colleagues.”

- christina, g.


mailroom academy

tier 1




yearly:$6/mo(20% off)


  • barber community
  • live calls
  • haircut tutorial library
  • bonus course: clipper mastery
  • bonus course: how to build a clientel
  • fundementals course

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mailroom academy

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yearly:$24/mo(50% off)

  • barber community
  • live calls
  • haircut tutorials
  • bonus course: clipper mastery
  • bonus course: how to build a clientele
  • monthly mailroom grooming product discount %15 off online order

mailroom academy

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yearly:$14/mo(35% off)


  • barber community
  • live calls
  • haircut tutorials
  • bonus course: clipper mastery
  • bonus course: how to build a clientele

master your tools and approach

30+ hours of indepth haircut walkthroughts from a short fade to a long shag

learn how to make 6 figures

learn how to build your ideal clientele from scratch and inrease your prices

100+ community members

join our growing community of haircutters looking to master precision haircutting and increase earning potential.

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$80/lifetime access

full access to our haircut library

  • new videos uploaded every month
  • detailed voice-over instruction
  • barbershop-friendly + creative work



  • feedback and support on your work
  • connect with other motivated barbers
  • accountability toward goals


$8/lifetime access
how to build your clientele

  • debunk time-wasting myths
  • how to truly market yourself
  • what actually builds your clientele


$20/lifetime access
the two essential fade methods

  • learn our short hair framework
  • get consistent results
  • make every fade clean & smooth