Blow Drying Vs. Hot Tools - Reducing Heat Damage

Blow Drying Vs. Hot Tools - Reducing Heat Damage

August 17, 2018

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Have you ever left the studio and loved how your hair felt after it's blown dry into a style, or wondered why it feels so great compared to when you style your own hair?


In this series of blow drying “how to” blogs, we’re going to cover all of the information you need to know about the importance of blow dry styling, to keep your hair looking and feeling its healthiest.


First in the series, we’re going to cover why it is both healthier and longer lasting to straighten and smooth your hair with just a blow dryer vs. with a blow dryer + flat iron.


Blow drying is less damaging to your hair because rather than keeping the heat in one place, the heat from the blow dryer is constantly moving. When you apply a flat iron to your hair, you’re doubling the heat and concentrating it on a specific section over, and over again.


This is applying unnecessary and repetitive heat to your hair, potentially causing damage. A blow dryer and proper round brush would be more gentle on your hair, especially the finer sections around your face and ears.


Did you also know that with a blow dryer, you can add volume to your hair? With the correct brush, and by holding the blow dryer at the right angle, you can achieve a voluminous, smooth look instead of a flat, stick straight look.


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The combination of the round brush and blow dryer work together to remove the water from your hair, allowing you to have a few more days of wear with your style(with the addition of dry shampoo).


Flatirons and other hot tools have a higher heat setting than most blow dryers do - a huge red flag for heat damage. The plates on the flat iron trap your hair between it, creating tension and friction at an unsafe heat setting of 400-450 degrees.


Remember, when it comes to protecting your hair from high heat, opt for a complete blow drying routine instead of a flat iron.


We’ll be covering another blow dry topic in our next Studio blog post, so stay tuned!


-Molly & Kayla

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