Have You Considered a Hairstyle Change?

Have You Considered a Hairstyle Change?

February 04, 2019


The crop is a hairstyle that has been popular in Europe for a long time and it’s slowly starting to trickle over into the states. It has tons of variations but is mainly characterized by the blunt, short fringe in the front and short, textured hair throughout the top that drops to a skin fade on the sides.

The west coast was the first to catch on and now we’re seeing a bit of an uptick in requests for this hairstyle in the southeast.

Lucas, pictured below, has a versatile hair type and head shape that can take on many different forms. He’s had slicked-back pompadours, short textured haircuts, and lately, the crop has been a repeat choice. The main reason it’s been a repeated look is that it is extremely low maintenance.

Lucas works a couple of jobs, including making products for The Mailroom, and is generally a busy guy so having a haircut that’s easy to style quickly is right up his alley.

How to style it

To style the crop, we recommend using the Matte Clay Pomade.

First, scoop a small amount and emulsify it in your hands. Then, spread it through your hair when it is slightly damp. Mess up the top with your hands until you start to see the amount of texture you’re looking for.

You can let it air dry but for best results, use a blow dryer while texturizing the top. Make sure the fringe falls evenly and you’re set.  

How to ask for it

At the barbershop, ask your barber if a crop will work with your hair texture and head shape.

To make sure you are on the same page with your barber, it’s best to have a few photos ready so you can visually express what you are hoping the result will be. Often we see details in the photo that people who aren’t barbers or hairdressers have a hard time explaining, so when you show us a photo and point to the parts of the haircut you like and dislike, it helps us establish a mental picture of what you’re envisioning.

What we look for when determining if it’s right for you is a hair pattern that wants to lay forward and has a moderately thick recession area.

We will ask you whether you want to take the sides all the way down to skin and if you will be styling the top with a product. If you will be styling it, we will leave a bit more length and make sure there is plenty of texture for you to play with.

Are you a barber hoping to learn how to cut a crop? Email robert@themailroombarberco.com and he would love to walk you through his approach!


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