Staff Interview: Get to Know Meghan Lynch

Staff Interview: Get to Know Meghan Lynch

May 14, 2019

The Mailroom just celebrated our 1 year anniversary in downtown Florence and our team continues to grow! We've been letting you get to know our staff over the past couple of months and today we'd like to introduce you to Meghan Lynch.  Meghan has been a hair stylist for over a decade and specializes in vivids and blonding. She loves to create bright, fun hair! When she has downtime, she spends it with her family & in the gym. She also loves traveling and seeing new places.


What is your favorite product to use when styling your client’s hair?  I am obsessed with Verb’s ghost oil. It’s a smoothing product that is lightweight and works for every hair type! You can blow dry it in and also use it on dry hair to add shine and smooth fly always. 

How long have you been doing hair? 11 years! It has flown by. 

What’s your favorite thing about cutting/doing someone’s hair? Seeing their confidence rise when they check themselves out. Nothing better than improving someone’s sense of self and putting a smile on their face. 


What is a new trend or style you see developing?  My blondes are more dimensional than ever, lots of highs and lows in my balayages these days vs the more flat one shade blondes that used to be popular. I love that vivids are still very popular and becoming more accepted in different work places as well. The brighter, the better!

What’s your favorite style to create? Big huge hair.


What’s something your clients may not know about you that you’d like to share?  I would say that I’ve been training for my first powerlifting meet, but I’m pretty sure no one has missed the fact that all I do is eat, drink water and complain about lifting pains maybe they don’t know that I was a competitive gymnast as a kid and can play classical piano?! 

If you were a type of beer, what brew would you be and why? These days I’d just be a gallon of water. 

What makes you feel fully alive? A hobby, a moment? Those sweet moments with my son when he tells me he loves me out of the blue. Makes me feel like I’m doing this mom thing right. 

What’s your spirit animal?  Maybe an alligator. I seem tough but I probably won’t bite you. I’m just a little hangry. 

Where are you from? Originally Cheraw, about 30 mins away. 

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2019? Lifting heavy weights, traveling with my little family, making new memories and of course doing even more fun hair 

If we looked at your iTunes frequently played playlist, which songs would be in your top 5?   My top 5 played bands right now are Hatebreed, City & Colour, Chris Stapleton, Five Finger Death Punch and Whiskey Myers. Yes, that’s all very random!

Next time you're in to see us stop by and say hello to Meghan!



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