Meet Cameron! Staff Interview.

Meet Cameron! Staff Interview.

August 24, 2021

Cameron has worked at The Mailroom for over 4 years now and he's one of my oldest friends. If you haven't gotten to know him yet, you're missing out! Book a haircut with him at our Taylors Mill Barbershop and read below to see what he's about! 

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haircut in greenville


How long have you been doing hair? About 2 years now


What is your favorite product to use when styling your client’s hair?  That's a tough one... my two favorites to use are our Matte Clay Paste and our Texture Powder.


What’s your favorite thing about cutting/doing someone’s hair? My favorite part is applying the finishing styling touches at the end and seeing the client get excited about it all coming together.


What is a new trend or style you see developing?  Definitely lots of mullets! But I'm also seeing some new interest in some unique takes on bowl cuts and "lived in" looks.


Haircut in Greenville


What’s your favorite style to create? My favorite styles are heavily textured, messy tops and/or mullets.


What’s something your clients may not know about you that you’d like to share? I am a huge country music fan .. old, new, pop, classic, cheesy.. all of it!


If you were a type of cocktail/beer/wine, what would you be and why? I owe it to everyone who knows me to say Miller Lite. .. as far as why? good things don't have to be expensive? :joy: I don't know.


What makes you feel fully alive? A hobby, a moment? Building or sorting Lego pieces is probably my number one hobby, but I feel most alive on stage playing drums with my friends - whether having fun during a cover band gig or at church during a worship service.


What’s your spirit animal?  Wookie ; )


Where are you from? I've lived in Florence SC my whole life but I was actually born in Spartanburg SC


What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2019? My wife and I just bought a house that we are stoked to get settled into and plan to start building our camping gear inventory to start crossing off national parks!


If we looked at your iTunes/Spotify frequently played list, which songs would be in your top 5?

Boots - HARDY
Holiday - Turnstile
My Testimony - Elevation Worship
Anteroom - Tigerwine
Gods of War - Def Leppard (edited) 


haircut in greenville 


Book An Appointment with Cameron for a haircut at our Taylors Mill Barbershop!

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