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What's different about The Mailroom?

October 07, 2022

Key values of The Mailroom Barber Co.

Many people view a haircut as a dreary, tedious exercise necessary to maintain their hair. Often, this is an unfortunate byproduct of barbershops prioritizing efficiency over quality. A bad haircut can dramatically impact you and how you view yourself. You feel horrible for a few weeks until it’s long enough to get it cut again, hopefully by someone else.

The sad truth is most barbers received little to no formal training on how to cut hair beyond basic Youtube tutorials or brief training sessions. These haircutters often use a one-size-fits-all method on their clients, which results in a number of issues:

  • Hair doesn’t style well, doesn’t look right
  • Fade isn’t blended
  • Doesn’t fit your head shape
  • The crown is cut too short and sticks up
  • Barber didn’t listen to you

You should love your hair. When you visit a high-end barbershop you should be confident the barbers will adhere to the style you desire and provide a haircut that affirms the design you request. At the Mailroom Barbershop, our barbers want you to feel like yourself. That’s why we maintain three key values to create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone in our shop.

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Relaxed Appointments

We have 45 min haircut and 60 min hair and beard appointment slots that let us assess your hair thoroughly and consult with you before we begin, unlike traditional barbershops that operate on 15-30 min appointment times and offer basic shear/scissor haircuts. We believe good barbers should take the time to understand their client's needs and provide services that align with those desires.

Our shop offers refreshments and music to create a relaxing environment while we take extra time to cut your hair with no rush. We finish every service with a hot towel and straight razor neck shave. If you’re getting a beard trim we shave around the edges to leave you looking as sharp as possible.

Finally, we style your hair with products we have personally designed. These products are made in small batches using plant-based ingredients.

Advanced Training

We thoroughly train each staff member in precision haircutting, so they are proficient with scissor and clipper work for all lengths of hair. Robert, the Director, received training from Barbers in Toronto and London who are at the peak of their industry which he passes on to each barber. 

Our team has received specialized training from some of the top hair artists in the industry and we place a strong emphasis on continuing education for our team. We take pride in our craft and

our stylists can assist you with many forms of hair services beyond hair cuts and trims, including blonding services, balayage, hair color changes, and more. 

Gender Neutral

Barbershops are often seen as strictly masculine environments, but we strive to be a gender-neutral Greenville barbershop that breaks from this mold and provides gender-affirming haircuts based on your personal expression. 

We believe hair has no inherent gender and binary haircuts are blocking creativity and freedom of expression for our clients. People should feel comfortable getting a haircut anywhere, so our friends in the LGBTQ+ community are welcome to receive haircuts of any style, whether they be non-binary, masculine, or feminine. 

About The Mailroom Barber Co

If you’re looking for a nice barbershop in Greenville, we welcome you to come to visit us. Our team of experienced barbers would love to welcome you to our shop and provide you with an exceptional haircut. Our team will take the time to understand your needs and desires and provide services based on those needs in a relaxed environment.

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