Take a Tour of the New Mailroom Barber Co. Shop

Take a Tour of the New Mailroom Barber Co. Shop

March 23, 2023

The Mailroom Barber Co. in Greenville recently moved locations from Taylors to 1633 E North St, Greenville, SC on February 4th, 2023. 

The Mailroom Barber Co. LGBT Chamber Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon-cutting ceremony

Due to several factors creating challenges for our customers and employees alike, the team decided that moving locations was best for all involved. Those reasons informed both our new design and location, enabling us to create a warm, welcoming environment for new and returning customers looking for a high-end barbershop in Greenville.  

Choosing a new Location

Our previous address in Taylors was challenging to reach for many of our clients, with some customers driving over 15 minutes for appointments with a high-quality barber. We quickly outgrew the cramped interior of the old shop. It could function on a slow day, but the brick mailroom suffered from a lack of space for patrons and barbers, especially during over-booked days. 

Old Taylors Mill Barbershop

The previous Taylors location in the Old Mill

We are now located in a centralized location that reduces commute times for regulars and employees. Surrounded by Clare’s Creamery, Shaw’s Pharmacy, and Bohème Salon, our new shop is easier to access, both for local foot traffic and for our handicapped patrons.

Additionally, the open layout of the new shop allows us to host classes within the shop. With bright, even lighting trainees can practice precision haircutting and test their skills in a controlled environment under careful supervision. we’re excited to meet the new barbers who will join our classes aiming to become experienced barbers thanks to this new location. 

Simplifying the Design

For the new shop we placed more of an emphasis on sleek, modern design better befitting a gender-neutral barbershop. This accomplished two things: 

  1. Alleviated the space restraints of the prior barber stations
  2. Created a less traditionally masculine barbershop that catered to all patrons

We want the client to be front and center, and every element of the barbershop should enhance and support this experience. Our previous location featured large, cluttered workstations that took up valuable floor space. To this end, we developed an experimental station focusing solely on the client via large mirrors. 

New Simplified Barber Work Stations

New, simplified workstations

Our services have remained, but they no longer impede the ability of our skilled barbers to connect with the client to provide the ideal haircut. We’ve moved away from the masculine toolboxes and created a genuinely gender-neutral, inclusive space that aligns with our evolving brand.

In this open space, we want everyone to feel relaxed amidst the austere surroundings. The larger area affords clients some measure of auditory privacy and space if necessary, unlike the cramped local of the old shop. 

Enhancing the Experience

Traditional barbershops often focus solely on efficiency. The goal is to serve as many customers as possible with the experience being relatively unimportant, which creates an uncomfortable experience for patrons looking for good haircuts. 

The Mailroom Barber Co. Break Area

Lounge area for our talented team

We hope you enjoyed this short tour of our new shop. Words can’t do it justice, so we hope you will come by to visit soon. Thank you to our wonderful team and everyone else who made this a reality! 


Design - Ashley James

Construction - Husky Builders

Millwork - DM2 Furnishings

Mirrors - Pine Ridge Glass

Plumbing - Terrence Watkins

Demolition - The Boiz & Mogy

Signage - Garfield Signs

Ribbon Cutting - Upstate LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce

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