Shopping Local Matters

Shopping Local Matters

November 18, 2020

Shopping local and supporting small businesses can be difficult. With the conveniences of Amazon Prime or the variety of big box retailers, sometimes choosing a local business isn’t the easiest choice to make.

But when you shop local, some really great things happen -- more of your money stays within your community.

On average, when shopping at your locally owned businesses, about $68 of every $100 spent, stays in your community. Compare that to $40 of every $100 when spending at a larger, corporate business and there’s a major difference.

Small businesses keep your community unique, and when you support local and are almost guaranteed a more personalized customer service experience. You get to build a relationship with your local shop employees and ask for recommendations on new items or when your favorite whatever happens to be out of stock; also, most products are always guaranteed.

Pureology product

Now take it a step further. If you were to shop at your local hair salon, not only are you directly helping the salon and your community, you are supporting your stylist too. You’re literally helping create and sustain jobs in your community.

Many stylists get paid for the service provided and work on commission for products sold, too. Some salons use a percentage of the money from retail on education for their stylist, this helps keep your hair guru sharp on their skills and up to date on all the latest trends.

Hairstylist with blow dryer

Salon quality products are WAY better for your hair and while a bit more  expensive up front, they are more concentrated and will last you much longer.

Your hair stylist knows your hair and its needs better than anyone, let them create a custom hair care regimen you. Your local salon is a licensed retailer for the professional products you should be using, it is safe to buy from them and the products are guaranteed.

If you have ever seen Pureology or Redken on the shelves at your pharmacy or even target, those products were obtained illegally and could be expired or even worse, counterfeit and who knows what you are about to use on your freshly colored hair. Just look up product diversion.

Long story short, if you are a part of a community and want to show your pride one of the greatest things you can do is shop local.

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