Can a scent save a marriage? This one might.

Can a scent save a marriage? This one might.

May 29, 2019

Scents hold tremendous power in their ability to conjure memories and replay them in a way that feels like being taken back in time. That’s one of the reasons I keep returning to Evergreen.

Later in the blog, I’ll tell you exactly where this scent takes me.

Evergreen was one of the first scents I created when I started making Pomade and Beard Oil in 2014.

We used that earlier version of Evergreen in a Beard Oil & Pomade but the scent wasn’t quite right. You either loved it or hated it and most people didn’t care for it. However, there were a few people who claimed it as their favorite, myself being one of them.

A woman emailed me saying she NEEDED the Evergreen scent. I responded and told her we, unfortunately, had discontinued the scent due to mixed reviews. She wrote back immediately explaining that her now husband was wearing that fragrance when he proposed to her and it would be devastating not to have the Evergreen scent as a reminder of that monumental day in her life.

Her story moved me and it confirmed something as well; evergreen needed to stay in our line. I started making beard oil privately for her husband soon after receiving her request. When she got the first private batch of Beard Oil she wrote to me with a great sense of humor and said “Thanks so much! You’ve literally saved our marriage!”

When I first started tinkering with essential oils and trying to come up with new scents, I became obsessed with Cedar. Wood-based essential oils, in general, are right up my alley but Cedar is always at the front of the line.

Whenever I smell it, I’m transported back to a memory of being a little boy, working on job sites with my Dad who was a carpenter and general contractor. I started helping him at work along with my brothers when I was 4 years old.

When we were that young we mainly played with wood scraps and the giant sand dunes used by brick masons, but when we got older we were able to help with the actual work being done; which was always fun to me. We got to handle many different kinds of wood and building material.

My Dad loved working with Cedar and I can vividly remember a day where he showed me a piece of Cedar, smelled it, and passed it to me so I could get a whiff. He told me it was his favorite to work with because to him it smelled better than any other type of wood and I agreed.

To this day, whenever I’m mixing essential oils or smelling products, if it contains cedar, that memory strikes me and I’m taken straight to the past.

The smell of Evergreen is like home for me.

Last year, I had the feeling that I wanted to revive the scent, so I brought it back to the drawing board. Having acquired more knowledge about perfumery, I was able to bring Evergreen up to its current state and now it’s absolutely my favorite scent.

With a base of cedar, followed by fir needle and pink grapefruit, the fragrance gives off a powerful, dry balsamic aroma with a bright citrus top note.

We will be releasing a Beard Oil & Balm in the Evergreen scent very soon. Keep an eye out for that!

Do you have a memory that gets brought to life by one of our scents?

I’d love to hear about it! Drop a comment below or write me an email at



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