What Is Ethical Sourcing?

When a company claims that they source their materials and supplies Ethically or even have Fair Trade certification, this means that they ensure that the products being sourced are created in safe facilities by workers who are treated well and paid fair wages to work legal hours. It also implies that the supplier is respecting animal rights and the environment during the production and manufacturing of the products.

The Mailroom Barber Co. is committed to spending countless hours doing the research, making the phone calls, and doing everything it takes to ensure that absolutely zero of the ingredients, packaging, shipping materials, apparel, or anything used in manufacturing comes from, or takes advantage of an unethical source or situation.

The reason Ethical Sourcing is such a core value of this company is because of the growing, horrific problem that is Human Trafficking. Humans are taken advantage of in many manual labor industries to drive down prices and thicken profit margins. Men, women, and children are forced to work in unspeakable conditions, oftentimes for no wages at all. Using ethically made products is one of the easiest ways to be involved in stopping the abuse of human life, because it puts a dent in the market of unethical production and forced or slave labor.

It is the entire mission of this company to create products that give the consumer an ethical option, boycott producers and companies that are the roots of the problem, and to build awareness and raise financial support for organizations that are fighting tooth and nail to end Human Trafficking.