Trail Tin Bundle (3pk)


Trail Tins are 2oz versions of our pomades that travel well, fitting easily into pockets and dopp bags. Pick any 3 to bring on your next adventure!

Matte Clay Pomade
2oz | Low Shine | Vegan | Petroleum Free | One Wash
This Clay has a low shine, lots of texture, and a medium / soft and grippy hold that lasts all day yet remains moldable and flexible.
Evergreen + Jasmine Scent

Natural Pomade
2oz | Oil Based | Vegan | Petroleum Free | One Wash

We designed the Natural Pomade to nourish and replenish the hair and scalp with a hold and shine that lasts all day, yet washes out without a fight. Available in three holds.

    X | Light - Oakmoss & Cypress
  XX | Medium - Pipe Tobacco
XXX | Heavy - Cedar & Sandalwood


Oakmoss & Cypress - Light notes of cypress and pine sitting atop the crisp, green scent of oakmoss.

Pipe Tobacco - Bold and aromatic like a sweet vanilla cavendish with hints of clove.

Cedar & Sandalwood - Dark and smoky like a warm campfire with the subtle sweetness of sandalwood.

Nolde Forest Pomade
2 oz  |  Vegan  |  All Natural  |  Petroleum Free  |  Washes out easily

The scent is fresh and crisp like the smell of a forest right after it rains, with all of the musky, deep notes of damp pine straw.

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