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Medium length haircuts are in: Here's our take.

April 30, 2019

Aaron (@ahahodges) is an artist and maker living in Greenville, SC. What I love most about his grungey, rugged sense of style is that he can get away with a haircut that doesn’t look super neat and polished all of the time. Slightly disheveled and chaos-under-control is a preferred look in this case.

That’s great because his thick, wavy hair can hold tons of texture and have disconnection in a few areas without looking like he doesn’t care about his hair.

The flow and shape of the haircut show that he cares about how it looks but the messy, gritty styling compliments the rest of his outfit and is much easier for him to maintain than a short haircut that would require a bit more attention.


Textured Medium Length Haircut

I’m a big believer in a good haircut being the final piece that ties your image together and that’s exactly what we have here. It can be equal parts practical and visual

We decided on this medium length haircut because he’s currently growing his hair out but wanted to have it shaped up. I used graduation to build lots of weight on the sides while keeping a strong vertical shape that doesn’t look too round and then I used point cutting to add some texture.

It’s pretty hard to grow your hair long without getting to a point where your head just looks big and round so keeping the sides shaped well is key to getting through that awkward phase that everyone talks about.

For clarification, the awkward phase is when your hair is big, heavy, and too long to style but also somehow too short to style. It doesn’t look good down but it won’t reach far enough to make a ponytail. This is a real thing and it sucks.

When you get to that phase, it's crucial that you see someone who knows how to shape and trim your hair correctly or you’ll be on the way to Target to buy a cheap pair of clippers to buzz your head and you’ll throw in the towel on the whole long hair thing.

Instead of doing that - visit us for a haircut so that we can help you survive the awkward phase.


Textured Medium Length Haircut Barbershop Florence



How to ask for this medium length haircut

If you have longer hair and you want to go for a look like this, let your barber know you’d like to keep a good bit of length but you want more shape and structure. Tell them you’d like to sweep the hair back on the sides and you don’t mind if it has lots of texture.

Keep in mind, a big factor in determining that this haircut was right for Aaron was his natural growth patterns and the existing thickness, density, and texture in his hair.

Your barber will make sure the haircut you want actually compliments and works with your style, hair texture, bone structure, etc.

Sometimes that means the look someone else has may not look quite the same on you but your barber will make sure the cut you walk out with is perfect for your head.

Tell your Barber you’d like to keep the edges soft and natural and let them know whether you’ll be styling your hair or not.


Textured ducktail haircut

How to style this haircut

For this one, I recommend our Matte Clay Pomade and Beard Oil. (Can’t forget that beautiful beard!) I used a small amount of clay before styling with a blow dryer and then topped it off with another touch of clay to lock it in place.

When blow-drying the hair, focus the airflow in the direction you want the hair to flow. Use a brush to control it as you brush it back and after you run the last bit of Matte Clay through it, use your fingers to adjust how the sides sit and how the back interlaces.

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