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It can be hard to find a haircut that feels right and helps you look your best. At The Mailroom, we take our time and use advanced cutting techniques to give you a haircut that suits your personal sense of style so you can look great and feel like yourself.


We have 45 min haircut and 60 min hair + beard appointment slots so we can cut your hair correctly with no rush.


all barbers are thoroughly trained in precision haircutting to be proficient with scissor and clipper work for a wide variety of hair types and styles


we give identity affirming haircuts based on your personal gender expression and provide a welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community.




Barbershop Director

Robert started cutting his own hair in 2012 because he couldn’t find a barber that understood the style he wanted.

He entered an apprenticeship at a barbershop shortly afterward and founded The Mailroom Barber Co in 2014. His training in precision haircutting includes Glassbox in Toronto, Sassoon Academy in London, a private mentorship with Charlie Gray of Hair in Motion, formerly of Menspire, and many hours of online education and private cutting classes.

If he’s not cutting hair, teaching, or behind a laptop at Junto Coffee, he’s most likely mountain biking, hanging out with his wife, Brooke, or practicing yoga.


Overall, my work is gender neutral as I aim to design a haircut that suits your personal style, bone structure, and grooming routine or lack thereof.

I specialize in two main categories of long, medium, or short precision haircuts.

1. Choppy, edgy, texturized haircuts like crops, pixies, mixies, shags, mullets, and mods are my favorite to work with. I love doing haircuts that look like they wouldn't have a specific name because it's so unique to you.

2. I have a love for the classic, smooth, structural haircuts like pompadours, bald fades, and tapers that got me into the hair industry over a decade ago.

I also have a strong eye for beard shaping and creating sharp line-ups for afro texture hair.

I hope to see you in my chair soon!




After meeting a barber who encouraged him to combine his love for people with his desire to work with his hands, Aaron became a licensed barber in 2017. Since then, he has spent the last five years cutting hair in Atlanta before moving to Greenville to work for that very same barber. When he’s not cutting hair, you can find Aaron at a coffee shop, on his motorcycle, or out and about with his film camera.


I specialize in a variety of short, medium, and long length haircuts.

My main goal is to create a haircut that looks great the moment you leave the shop and up to the moment you walk back in.

1. My favorite haircuts to do by far are the ones that don’t look like you have had your haircut at all. That slightly messy look that’s effortless to style in the morning is what I do best.

2. I love doing fades that have smooth transition, and won’t have any choppiness or shadows that come back to haunt you as your hair grows out.

3. Curly and wavy hair is a passion for me as well. If you have loose curls or ringlets (up to 3A), I hope to set you on a path to help those curls grow out healthy and remain in a shape that compliments your style.




A Paul Mitchell Graduate, Chris enjoys working with long and short hair striving to unify the hair industry. When hes not cutting hair you can find him in the gym or on the lake fishing.


Stylistically, I enjoy classic haircuts such as pompadours and longer swept back looks.
I also do my best to keep current with the times and trends from around the world,
I thoroughly enjoy modern mullets, shags, and the "tik tok" haircuts.
I love working with clients to find an ideal style that matches their lifestyle while also introducing them to a hair regimen that promotes healthy habits.
Fixing a less than ideal prior haircut and working with difficult growth patterns such as a cowlick is something I'm passion it about as well.
Lastly as I explore the world of chemical services I find that blonding , specifically to platinum is a unique look that can compliment many haircuts.




Marvin is originally from Nashville, TN and is a U.S. Army Veteran. Marvin moved to Greenville, SC after marrying his wife and enjoys rock climbing, nerdy computer stuff, and Legos. He loves a good conversation, learning about others, and creating haircuts that fit each individual who sits in his chair.


I love helping people find “their look”.

I like to complete a thorough consultation with all my clients. I won't start any haircut until I have a clear game plan for the haircut and confirm we are on the same page.

Although I have extensive training in a diverse set of hair types, I have found myself specializing in:

  • Creative Haircuts
  • Scissior Cuts
  • Fades
  • Transformation Haircuts
  • Thinning Hair
  • Curly Hair

I love making inspiration/reference photos a reality.

If you have an idea for your hair or need some guidance, I’d love to sit down and help you work towards your hair goals!

Check out my Instagram to see my portfolio: @themarvinbarber




My end goal for anyone who sits in my chair, is to love the services provided. With that being said I always want to make sure we’re on the same page before any services are started.

Before I became a Master Barber, I worked on my craft in salons, mainly focused on coloring (fashion colors, natural colors) and blonding looks.

I spend my free time watching and learning new trends as they evolve, so I’m very familiar with the “tiktok looks”

As I enjoy the creative looks, I will always have a special interest in:

Big chops / transformed haircuts
Beard work

Check out my work at:

I look forward to seeing you:)




Joey loves to create flattering and easy-to-style cuts. He's an expert at skin fades, shoulder length layers, and more.




Brandon is a well-rounded barber with a passion for modern styles, including crops, mullets, and mods. He expertly blends scissor and clipper techniques to create a variety of hairstyles tailored to each client's request. Brandon is detail oriented and known for his meticulous attention to detail resulting in precisely crafted haircuts. Brandon ensures his clients leave feeling confident and satisfied.

Check out his work at:
@izzbrancuh on IG


We’ve all had bad haircuts and they are the worst. You feel horrible for a few weeks until it’s long enough to get it cut again, hopefully by someone else.

The truth is, most barbers received little to no formal training on how to cut hair that wasn’t from YouTube. We’ve been fortunate to receive advanced training from industry leaders from Canada and England. With that knowledge, we train all of our barbers in precision haircutting so they can give you a haircut that suits you perfectly.


Rob’s created a welcoming and open environment for all people and hair types. He has great attention to detail, earth friendly products, and keeps my cut looking top notch every few weeks. The only Barber I want to see as long as I live in the Upstate.

- Google Review

Aaron is an absolutely amazing barber and an even better person. As someone who really appreciates quality of service and overall experience, the Mailroom Barber met and exceeded my expectations.

- Google Review

The service was absolutely phenomenal. Chris did an amazing job cutting my hair and provided wonderful customer service. The atmosphere of the shop was very welcoming and everyone else working there was quite attentive and ready to make you feel like you're not just another job for them.

- Google Review

Marvin did an awesome job with my cut! 1st time in but won't be my last, staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the location is super cool as well! Thanks Mailroom!

- Google Review



We ask that you cancel or reschedule within 6 hours of your appointment to allow us to fill your spot. If you fail to do so, or no call/ no show, you will be required to pay 100% of the scheduled service via invoice before making another appointment. If you no call/ no show 3 or more appointments, you will not be permitted to schedule any further appointments with us.


Late Arrival

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may not be able to perform the scheduled service. You will have the option to reduce the service to a “clean up” or “beard trim” or pay 50% of the original service cost before you book your next service.



You must be 4+ yrs old to receive a haircut at The Mailroom. We have a limited waiting area and many sharp objects. For their safety, we require children to be 10+ yrs old to be left unattended while you get a haircut.


Text us: +18642026981



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