Do You Take Water for Granted?

Do You Take Water for Granted?

November 22, 2017

Do You Take Water for Granted?

By Terrace Crawford, November 15, 2017

I take water for granted.  

I'm probably the world's worst about leaving the water faucet running too long, using too much when showering, and shoot, I get my car washed a couple of times weekly.

I'm honestly kind of ashamed of this, especially when there is a Global Water Crisis. Yes, a crisis.

Did you know that 842,000+ people die annually around the globe because of inadequate drinking water?  That is more than 2,300 daily.

Back in 1998, my friend George Greene and a few engineers took a trip to Honduras to survey the destruction of Hurricane Mitch.  When they arrived they weren't prepared for the devastation they saw. Trees were down, homes in every village were battered or destroyed, and the river, which is one of their primary water resources was named the "River of Death," because it was chocolate brown and filled with deadly toxins which caused diseases.

Greene, an engineer, decided to do something about it and Water Mission was soon formed.  George and his team of engineer friends built fully operational water systems that would purify the village's drinking water and help save lives!

Today, Water Mission based out of Charleston SC, exists to make a huge dent in the Global Water Crisis. had a chance to tour their facility last year and was amazed at what they do. Now, in addition to making these life-saving systems for communities around the globe, they help bring awareness to this great need.

Seeing what George and the wonderful folks at Water Mission do to help our planet made me want to jump in and offer help. You may want to do the same.



Here are 4 Ways You Can Help:

  1. Volunteer - Water Mission does operate with a base of volunteers, in addition to paid staff, to help test and assemble equipment, load supplies, etc.  If you are in the proximity of the Charleston area and would like to volunteer, feel free to sign up at

  1. Give - There are multiple ways to give to Water Mission financially.  You can make a one-time gift, contribute monthly, or by developing your own fundraising campaign (you can find out more about this through their website).   

One really cool way to contribute, as a resident of South Carolina, is through Operation Round-Up, which is basically a convenient way to give financially each time you pay your monthly water bill. If you would like to learn more about giving through your utility company you can email

  1. Engage Your Church - Whether you have an established missions program through your church or you're just getting started, your church has the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus through the ministry of providing safe water to those who don't have it.  WMI has a Church Partnership Program which helps churches engage easily through prayer, events, and even Bible Studies, created to help your congregants experience scripture as they hear and encounter real-life examples of people from around the world who have stepped out in faith at Water Mission.

  1. Walk for Water -  Inspired by the  families who carry the burden of walking an average of 3.5 miles to collect water that is not safe for their family, many people consider hosting a "Walk for Water" in their community to help raise awareness and money for the global water crisis.  Charleston has just announced their next annual walk will be held in March of 2018.  If you would like to host a walk or see if your community is listed, visit their website at


Bio on Terrace Crawford  

Terrace Crawford

Terrace Crawford is an entrepreneur, youth worker at large, and founder of He is also an author, sought-after-speaker, and is the founder and host of This Week in Youth Ministry Podcast, gathering thousands of youth workers weekly, available on iTunes. Crawford is among the Top 100 Christian Leaders to Follow on Twitter and was named One to Watch\Young Influencer of Month by Thom Rainer, President of LifeWay, in July 2017. You can find him at or on social media @terracecrawford.

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