Best Short Hairstyles of Summer 2020

Best Short Hairstyles of Summer 2020

August 13, 2020 1 Comment

Best Short Hairstyles of Summer 2020

This year has seen too many buzzed heads and botched quarantine haircuts, so let’s talk about some of the best short hairstyles in Summer 2020.

A lot of people have stayed true to the side parts and slick backs and we’re here for it! Since those aren’t newly emerging haircuts, I won’t cover them here. The haircuts and styles that are on the way in are forward, messy looks and short crops.

Summer in South Carolina starts in April so I know I’m a bit late to the topic but this will be helpful for you nonetheless.

Forward & Messy

Summer (especially in the south) is all about low maintenance and keeping the hair short so you don’t have a fur coat trapping in heat.

This cut is low maintenance because it takes two seconds to fix your hair. You grab some matte clay pomade, run it through your hair and mess it up, and you’re out the door.

 With Cole’s hair, we did a bald fade on the sides to give the scalp some breathability. The top is short and square with tons of texture added. Cole bleached it himself a couple of weeks before the appointment.

To get this cut, tell your barber you’d like the sides faded to bald skin and you want the top short and textured.

To style this one, blow dry (optional) the hair back first to add volume, then go forward as you run your hands through it to get the hair to separate. Add some matte clay pomade and scrunch / twist the hair to accentuate the texture.


The Crop

The crop is a look I’ve wanted to migrate here from the UK for a long time. It’s slowly starting to happen and people who’ve tried it are loving it. The crop makes it into our best hairstyles of summer 2020 list because it's the lowest-maintenance haircut aside from a buzz cut. Here’s our friend Nick (@therealmazzaroni) wearing a crop:



The distinctive feature of the crop is its harsh, blunt fringe. Sometimes people add texture or length to the fringe to create variation but for the most part, a crop is a crop if the fringe is down and has a hard line on the forehead.

The squareness of the edge up is what makes this cut look so masculine. I don’t like to think of haircuts in terms of “mens” and “womens” but rather in terms of masculine and feminine.

Each haircut contains a combination of both aspects and the person’s particular style expression and features dictate where masculine or feminine qualities are used.

Generally, round and soft shapes are perceived as feminine while square and harsh shapes are seen as masculine.

The crop is boxy and crisp from the front profile which is what makes it so masculine.



Trey (Follow him on Instagram @treyallenwitt & @treyzorbladesandsquatspage) gave Nick this cut and absolutely he nailed it.

If you want to get this cut, tell your barber you want a crop but make sure you bring a photo for reference because there are TONS of ways to do this cut and your barber will see things in the photo that you may not have the words to articulate.

To style, use a texture product or wear it natural. Have fun with it. You can spend half an hour styling a crop or you can wear it with no styling at all. I personally like to use a styling powder or salt spray in combination with a blow dryer to make the texture pop.

Book an appointment with one of our barbers to get either of these cuts soon!

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August 13, 2020

Nice! Would love to see this with medium-length hair as well. my hair is much longer post quarantine

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