Meet Katherine! Stylist at The Mailroom Studio

Meet Katherine! Stylist at The Mailroom Studio

June 23, 2021

Katherine is an industry veteran and started at The Mailroom Studio in February 2021. It's time for you to meet her! She's made an awesome addition to our team of stylists in Florence and her new clients have loved working with her.

Read below to get to know her.


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1. Where are you from?

Born in Ohio, moved to Pennsylvania, then to Arizona, then to Florence, then to Winston-Salem, then to Raleigh, now back to Florence!


2. How long have you been cutting hair and what got you into it?

I have always wanted to do hair. During college, I was working as a receptionist at a hair salon in Raleigh for nearly two years. From the front desk I was constantly watching the stylists color and cut their clients hair. So I decided during what would have been my senior year old college, to dropout and enroll in the 2013 cosmetology class at Mitchell’s in Raleigh.


3. What's your favorite part of cutting hair?

I love color. I found that blonding, balayage, and dimensional color are my strengths. I specialize in accentuating clients’ natural hair color and keeping the integrity of the hair in mind. I also love working with medium-long hair lengths.


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4. If you were a type of beer, what would you be?

An IPA- some people love them, some people don’t. But the cool people love them:wink:


5. What's a trend you see developing in the hair industry?

Specializing in specific colors and cuts. For so long stylists have been expected to be good at every cut and every color across the board. When in reality, each individual stylist is so different and has such different strengths. I think it’s important to know those and offer your clients what you are happy doing.


6. What's something most people don't know about you?

I know every single one direction, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears song EVER made.


7. What are your last 3 recently played songs in spotify or apple music?

End of time -k391
Someday- kygo
Never on the day you leave- John Mayer


8. Which styling product do you use the most with clients?

IGK - Good Behavior


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9. What's your spirit animal?

Panda bear


10. Any comments or things we need to know?

I love music and animals


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