Can Pomade Jars be Recycled?

Can Pomade Jars be Recycled?

November 08, 2017 1 Comment

     A common question in my inbox and around the barbershop is "what do I do with my old jar of pomade?" or if you're like most of us, "what do I do about this MOUNTAIN of pomade jars in my bathroom??"

The next question you are going to ask is, "Can I get a refill?"

Sadly, no. we can't refill the jars because we run into a cross contamination issue in our workspace and nobody wants that. 

To answer the recycling question, yes, you can recycle the glass wherever glass is accepted, but that doesn't solve the problem for people living in places that recycling isn't an easily accessible option. Florence, SC is one of those places because the city will actually charge you money if they catch glass in the recycling bin. (Forreal)

The solution: Repurposing!

Recycled Pomade Jar

Here is a step by step tutorial for ya!

Our favorite way to repurpose pomade jars

• • •

1. Gather supplies

Empty pomade jars, paper towels, computer paper, and small succulents & plants are all you need.

We recommend gathering your succulents from local florists or farmers markets but you can also find them at places like Lowes and Home Depot.


succulents and pomade jars

2. Wipe out the excess pomade.


3. Move your plant into its fancy new home

Make a work surface with the computer paper (you'll see why in a second), remove the plant from its original pot. Then, after brushing some of the soil off into the jar, set the plant in the jar.

Use the computer paper to funnel the excess soil into the jar around the plant if need be. 

succulent repurpose home decor

plant succulents in pomade jars for trendy home decor


4. Take care of your plants

Succulents generally like lots of sun and a thorough watering once a week. They're pretty easy to take care of for the most part. Find them a nice window or spot in your home with ample sunlight and they'll enjoy a long and happy life in their new, repurposed home!


By Robert Watkins

Additional photos by Jonathan Hicks


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November 13, 2017

I keep guitar picks and loose change in mine! They’re the perfect size.

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