What is a precision haircut?

What is a precision haircut?

August 05, 2020

What is a precision haircut?

We talk about precision haircuts alot in our shops and we want you guys to know what that means for you. Average "scoop and cut" barbering can leave your hair inconsistent and wavy, making it really hard for you to style. Our precision hair cutting techniques are deliberate and unique to produce a better cut, tailored specifically to each client.

Check out the difference between a precision haircut and an average, "normal" haircut!

Our barbers are trained in precision haircuts in order to tailor each cut to each client for the best possible cut every time.

When you feel attractive and confident, you feel free to be yourself. We want you to feel that way consistently, so book an appointment at our barbershop in Taylors, SC or the barbershop in Florence, SC today!

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