Natural Pomade XXX heavy hold

The Best Pomade Ever

October 01, 2017

XXX | Heavy - Cedar & Sandalwood: Best Pomade Ever!!!

Have you checked out our XXX Natural Pomade? Here's what Michael had to say about it.

Michael on Aug 03, 2017 wrote:

"The XXX | Heavy - Cedar & Sandalwood is simply amazing!!! I love the natural earthy scent of this product and the hold is perfect for my hair. I wear a short hairstyle and have wavy hair and this product is perfect for it. It holds my hair in place perfectly, but it doesn't look greasy or matted. My hair has a perfectly natural look to it and doesn't feel stiff or crunchy...I had been using Suavecito, but I don't like the way it gives me "helmet hair." This stuff smells great and has perfect hold, and all it takes is just a tiny dab... XXX | Heavy - Cedar & Sandalwood is THE BOMB.COM!!!"
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