"In 2014, I was immersed in the hardcore/indie music scenes, working in coffee, and going to school for photography. My friends and I all wanted a greaser/old fashioned haircut and a grooming product that was ethically sourced to get the shine and hold required for the look without relying on a big box store brand.

No one in our town could make the haircut happen and the drugstores all sold gels or heavy waxes, so I started cutting my own hair and making pomade in my kitchen with a friend. I set up a barber chair in the mailroom of a business in downtown Florence and The Mailroom Barber Co was born. I quit school & coffee and started an apprenticeship at a local barbershop. I learned a lot from YouTube and my apprenticeship, but in 2018 I received training in precision haircutting at Glassbox and it flipped my world upside down. I started teaching the techniques to my staff right away and in 2021 I completed a mentorship with Charlie Gray to begin teaching publicly.

I searched far and wide as a teenager for a career that would be fulfilling, creative, and make a difference. I feel so grateful to have found that path early in life through barbering.

Our mission is:

1. To help barbers/stylists along their path in the hair industry by teaching precision haircutting and giving them a platform,

2. To offer a gender neutral space where clients of all walks can find a look & product to boost their confidence,

3. And to provide all natural, ethically sourced grooming products that are good for you and the earth.

Thank you for supporting the work we do!"

- Robert Watkins
Owner + Founder