Barber Spotlight: Jordan Stolte at The Local Barber and Tap

Barber Spotlight: Jordan Stolte at The Local Barber and Tap

October 26, 2018

We have the unique opportunity to get to know barbers from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures, since our products are carried in barbershops around the world.

In this first Barber Spotlight, we’re talking with Jordan Stolte, owner of The Local Barber and Tap in Asheville, NC.

We’ve known Jordan since 2016 and have since continued exchanging barbering techniques and knowledge over the years. The Local Barber and Tap also carries our products in store. In our interview, Jordan was gracious enough to share a little bit about The Local Barber and Tap and how they got started.

How long have you been a barber?

I've been a barber for about 15 years now.  I started barber school in 2003 in Michigan and transferred my barber license to North Carolina in 2012.

When did The Local Barber and Tap get started and what was your vision for it?

The Local Barber & Tap opened in 2015.  Asheville had very few authentic barbershops in town so I saw an opportunity.  I had been an Asst. Brewer at a Brew Pub in Michigan and have always appreciated craft beers.  Obviously Asheville loves its craft beers so I figured a barbershop/taproom would work well here.  

Local Barber and Tap Asheville

What are some trends you see developing in men’s grooming?

As far a new trends in grooming things are a little different in this hippie/tourist town of Asheville.  Such a wide array of clients come through our door. We get longer shaggier hairstyles and lots of beard trims for these mountain men.  We try to stay up on the latest styles but overall we preach the old school barbershop experience and customer service more than the latest trends and styles I guess.  We just promise a consistent, precision haircut and a lively atmosphere. Plus beer.

What are your clients favorite Mailroom products?

Personal grooming isn't as big a priority in this town so Mailroom Barber Co Matte Clay is a huge seller.  It has great hold but gives the appearance of nothing in your hair at all. And folks love the all natural ingredients of Mailroom Pomade.  The outdoorsy scents of the beard oils and balms are big sellers too.

Local Barber and Tap Asheville

What’s something your clients probably don’t know about you?

I'm not charging enough.  ;-D

What’s your favorite hairstyle to create?

The young kids with straight blonde hair that like to keep it long can be challenging to blend but if you get it right it can look great.  I like shaping afros too. High top fades and Gumby's are a lot of fun.


If you were a specific beer, what brew would you be? And why?

Not sure I can describe myself as a beer. But I like my beer like my women usually are.  Pale and bitter.

We love getting to connect with barbers from all over! If you’re in the Asheville area, be sure to check these guys out, get a haircut, and grab a beer.


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