The Mailroom Barber Co

In March of 2014, Founder Robert Watkins was exposed to the reality of human trafficking and the role we all play in it through the consumption of products that are manufactured by underpaid, child, and slave laborers. As a way to reduce his impact in the growth of human trafficking and supply awareness and socially responsible products to an irresponsible market, he started The Mailroom Barber Co, creating products by hand, strictly using 100% ethically sourced ingredients and packaging. That commitment is the driving force that moves this company forward. All products are made in house at The Mailroom Barber & Studio in Florence, SC.

"This brand is about so much more than pomade, hair, or grooming products; it's about social responsibility and the stance we can all choose to take against human trafficking." - Robert

Barber & Studio

In mid 2016, Molly and Robert began the conversation about using their different backgrounds and skill sets to form a partnership, motivated by a mutual ambition to see community and cultural unity fostered in Florence.

Over the months that followed, the two put their efforts towards creating a neutral space that's approachable and comfortable for their expanding, diverse clientele.

Their hard work came to fruition in late November 2016 with the opening of their collective space, The Mailroom Barber & Studio.


Meet the Crew

Robert Watkins

Owner and founder of The Mailroom Barber Co. In his free time, Robert enjoys a bright cup of coffee or a warm glass of bourbon and a good book. When he grows up, he wants to be a famous musician / photographer / clothing designer in Australia.

molly norton

Molly is the Studio Manager at The Mailroom. She has been in the beauty industry since 2010 and her favorite aspect of being a cosmetologist is hair coloring. Her hobbies include spoiling her pups, traveling, and cooking. When she grows up she wants to be a "cool" mom.


Rob "Snakes" Bispo

Rob is a liscensed Master Barber with a few years under his belt. In his free time, he enjoys playing music and working with leather. When he grows up, he wants to travel the world.

Kayla Bermeo

Kayla is a licensed cosmetologist who studied at the Aveda institute in Manhattan, NY. She then worked as an apprentice before moving back to Florence in 2015. During her free time she enjoys traveling and going to hockey games. When she grows up she wants to be as awesome as her dog.

Cameron Porter

Cam runs the production side of The Mailroom, handling all products, shipping, and R&D. In his free time, he plays & collects drums and enjoys historical documentaries. He's decided he's "over" the idea of growing up.