Greenville Staff Interview: Get to Know John Redgrave

Greenville Staff Interview: Get to Know John Redgrave

April 16, 2019

The Mailroom has made some big steps this year, including opening a location in Greenville, and our team is growing too! Have you met John Redgrave?  John is the owner of our Greenville location.  John's passion for barbering has come out of a desire to help add individual style and confidence for men in the Greenville area. In his free time you will probably see him with coffee in hand, making music, and loving on his twin babies!  


What is your favorite product to use when styling your client’s hair? I love the Matte Clay. I love how a little goes a long way while maintaining structure and control.

How long have you been doing hair? It's been a long process for me, but about a year and some change now.

What’s your favorite thing about cutting/doing someone’s hair? I love that I have the ability to be creative. Secondly that out of my creativity I have the power to shift someones image in a way that give them a since of self confidence within themselves. The fact that someone would trust me enough to influence their image is mind blowing.

What is a new trend or style you see developing?  I personally have seen a popular wave of short textured crops in my chair. You either dig it or don't. If you have the confidence you can wear anything.

What’s your favorite style to create? Honestly, lately I have enjoyed learning more about medium length styles. But I will always love the power of a good low fade pompadour.

What’s something your clients may not know about you that you’d like to share? I use to be an Olympic weight lifter and competed in the Nation Championships to qualify for the Olympic training team.

If you were a type of beer, what brew would you be and why? Pale Ale, Simple and smooth.

What makes you feel fully alive? A hobby, a moment? Creating something from nothing. For me our Greenville shop was that for me. It was an idea that ramped up real fast and has taken off like a charm. I am so thankful for our staff, community and customers that have made this shop so successful.

What’s your spirit animal? Stallion

Where are you from? Blairsville GA by way of Orlando, FL

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2019? Seeing the continued growth of our barber company and team.

If we looked at your iTunes frequently played playlist, which songs would be in your top 5? 1. Living Hope- Phil Wickham  2. In My Blood- Shawn Mendes 3. Summertime Romance- Johnny Swim 4. Nothing Else- Cody Carnes 5. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Next time you're in to see us stop by and say hello to John!



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