How To Ask Your Barber For This Haircut

How To Ask Your Barber For This Haircut

November 01, 2017

Men's Haircut using best pomade for short texture

Want the haircut our friend Devin here is wearing but don't know the lingo?

Haircut by Robert Watkins
Product used: XXX - Natural Pomade

Many times, I hear people say they have no idea how to ask for the haircut they want, mainly because they don't want to say the wrong thing and get a crummy haircut just because what they saw on Instagram as a "side-part undercut skin-fade" may be totally different from what I or another barber might interpret that to be. The amount of insider lingo out there is intimidating.

Disclaimer: If you do use insider lingo after reading this, it's no worries! We won't judge you for one second. We are only concerned with getting you the look you want, no matter how we get there or what words help us get on the same page.

When Devin first came to the barbershop, he had super long, blonde hair. He wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do, so over the past few haircuts we've been trying different, slightly shorter styles until we landed here. He wouldn't have known how to ask for this haircut in particular, but I'm going to tell you the same thing I told him to ask for next time in language that every barber or hair dresser should understand.

At The Mailroom, we try our best not to use inside lingo. It's confusing for you and it makes the whole experience intimidating and you worry you're being judged for not saying the "right" things. We believe it's our job to figure out how you want your hair cut and make it work for your head and lifestyle, so we will keep the fancy words about bone structure and cutting techniques and everything else to ourselves for the most part. After all, you didn't study to be a Master Barber, we did. 

Here's what you need to say

1. Keep the top long, textured, and blended into the sides and back.

2. Keep some weight or length on the sides.

3. Taper the bottom almost down to skin.

4. Tell them (or me) how you will be styling it. In this case, its messy, loose, and pushed back.

That's it!

Don't worry about whether this is called an Undercut or a David Beckham or a Brad Pitt from some movie. Your barber basically just needs to know how short you want your hair in those three places. Top, sides, & bottom. If you've ever booked an appointment with us, you'll remember we didn't ask you much more than that. Stick to commonly used words like long/short, weight, and texture and you're good to go. 

Styling this haircut

To achieve the finished look, we used a blow dryer to get the hair moving in the right direction and tossed a small scoop of XXX Natural Pomade in to give it hold while maintaining a natural shine and loose feel.

Book an appointment with us today to try out your new lingo-free experience!

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