How To Use Pomade

September 13, 2017

We've all been in front of a mirror, frustrated, mad, going through tons of pomade because it just isn't working and we can't tame that dang cowlick or get the volume we want or whatever our unruly hair is deciding to throw at us. Thankfully, the solution is pretty simple. Follow these five steps and you'll never be frustrated with your hair again. See video below.

Pomade used: Natural Pomade - XX - Pipe Tobacco
Comb used: Kent R5T  

1. Get A Good Haircut

Starting with a haircut that fits your lifestyle and head shape is half of the battle against unruly hair that has a mind of its own. Book an appointment with one of our Master Barbers to take care of this step.

2. Use A Blow Dryer

Hair stays where it dries. By using a blow dryer to take your hair from wet to dry, you're commanding it to stay where you want it and you're sealing the cuticle, making it a breeze to work with. To fully seal the cuticle, use the "cool" setting at the end once your hair is dry.

When using natural, oil-based products like ours, always start with dry hair. Period. Oil and water don't mix, so if you use an oil based product in wet hair, the product will not bind to your hair and you can kiss goodbye any chance of having a strong hold.

3. Scoop Generously

Use the top of your thumbnail to break through the waxiness on the surface so you can scoop as much as you need. A lot of times, the reason you aren't getting the hold or finish you want is because you aren't using enough pomade to do the job.

Using the right pomade for your hair type is important as well. We will discuss how to pick the right product in a later post. For now, we recommend starting with something versatile like our Medium hold Natural Pomade.

4. Spread Evenly

Emulsify the pomade between your palms and spread it lightly and evenly throughout your dry hair. Its okay for there to be a little bit of pomade left on your hands. That means your hair is evenly coated.

5. Use a Comb to Style

We recommend a Kent Handmade Comb for styling. The saw-cut teeth glide smoothly across your hair and leave beautiful comb lines. If you've managed to do most of the work with the blow dryer, combing will be the easiest part. Use this step to finish spreading the pomade and polish off the final shape. 

And that's it. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at anytime.

Video by Randy Branch Media

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