Ready to Change Your Hairstyle? I Was Too.

Ready to Change Your Hairstyle? I Was Too.

October 19, 2018


I want to share about my recent travels and some of the newer trends that I’ve seen developing in the UK and with hairstyles for men in general. I’d love to help popularize these trends in the Southeast with your help!


The UK is known for precision hair cutting, blending, hairdressing and barbering techniques. Trends are moving toward longer, shattered, high texture looks and harsher styles; like crops, where the hair on top is forward combed and the bangs are cut tightly to box in the face.


The shorter, textured cuts are quickly replacing the swept back side parts, pompadours and undercuts that we’ve seen in tv shows like Peaky Blinders and these styles have also started popping up in places like LA, Atlanta and New York. Two distinct hairstyles for men are on the rise:


  • Longer, voluminous shapes with texture and layers
  • Crops and fringes with tight bald fades and textured tops


hairstyles for menhairstyles for men



While my wife and I were in London, we visited the Nomad Barber. Going to their barbershop was pretty special for me because they’re one of the first barbershops I started following at the beginning of my career. I watched their videos on youtube and they inspired me to get into the trade. They’re also an authority on straight shaving in my eyes and when I was learning to cut hair, their videos helped me learn how to give a proper straight shave.

Seeing how they operate was very grounding because, in some ways, it connected me back to why I got started in the industry and at the same time it was a very surreal experience sitting in the chair at a shop I’d followed for so long.


Nick, one of their skilled senior barbers gave me a bald fade with a messier top, softly cropped with a bit of fringe. It was a pleasant service and he really took his time to get it right.


nomad barber - hairstyles for men


To style this haircut, I start by using a blow dryer with either a diffuser or no nozzle on low pressure and high heat to help the curls form and keep the hair messier. If I use a blow dryer with a nozzle it straightens the hair and the integrity of the texture is lost. I use our Matte Clay Pomade to give it a little bit of hold but mainly keep the dry look and reinforce the texture and shape.


I’ve worn my hair the same for the past 6 years. Slicked back and parted to the side and I was ready for a change. Having heavier bangs or a fringe gives a lot of room for a messier textured look which is what I prefer now.


Determining if a haircut is right for you largely depends on how much effort you want to put into styling daily. A crop is a very low maintenance whereas a look with more length and volume will require a bit more blow drying and effort to get it looking just right.


After having my hair sleek and polished for so long, I was ready to break away from the maintenance of the style and embrace the natural, wavy texture of my hair that I’ve been fighting for years.


hairstyles for men
hairstyles for men


If you’re like me and you’re ready for a change and you want to try something new, consider these styles. Ask me if a crop or maybe something longer with layers will be right for you! Also, feel free to email me with your questions or feedback. I’d love to hear from you!



Robert Watkins



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