How often should I get a haircut at the barbershop?

How often should I get a haircut at the barbershop?

July 07, 2020

How often should I get a haircut?

Most people think it’s time to get a haircut when the hair over your ears is bothering you and the back of your neck makes you look like you’re morphing into a werewolf under a full moon. By that time, you’re actually overdue for a haircut.

So how do you know when to book an appointment at the barbershop to keep this from happening?

I’m breaking this down into three categories for you so you can skip to the section that applies most to you.

The controlling idea here is to see the barber often enough to maintain your style instead of waiting until your hair is at an “emergency” level of urgency.

The three categories I’m covering are Long, Medium, and Short styles.

Short Hair: Every 2-3 Weeks


If you keep the sides and back super short, like SKIN tight, you will want to get a haircut at least every 2-3 weeks.

Some people wait longer than 3 weeks but by the time they get back in the shop, their hair is grown out to the point that the style is completely gone and the hair is unmanageable.

Around the 2 week mark you can’t see the fade on the sides and your hair is in need of a touch up.

If this is you, book an appointment with your barber before you leave the barbershop for 2-3 weeks out and experiment with how long you like to go between cuts.

Medium Length Hair: Every 4-6 Weeks


You can get away with waiting 4-6 weeks between haircuts when you keep extra length on the sides and back.

Coming by the barbershop for a neck shave every 2 weeks still isn’t a bad idea, but when you already wear your hair semi-grown out, you can afford to let it get a little shaggy before you get cleaned up.

A few of my clients moved to this sort of haircut after quarantine because their hair grew out a couple of inches and they realized they liked the longer look. I love it for the amount of texture and movement that’s possible when you keep some length on the sides.

Even though you’re visiting the shop less, this cut can be higher maintenance because it requires a bit of styling to keep it looking sharp. Another reason I recommend waiting longer between barbershop visits with this medium length haircut is because you don’t want to get it cut shorter and shorter over time from visiting too frequently,

Long Hair: 6-10 Weeks

With haircuts that fall below the hairline, wait 6-10 weeks in between cuts especially if you’re looking to grow it out longer.

The main reason you get a cut when your hair is long is to maintain the shape and clean up dead ends. Long hair can be high maintenance in the styling and washing department but they require much less cutting than skin fades and medium length haircuts.


Does this answer your questions? If not, drop a comment below and I’ll respond soon!

Whatever length haircut you have, it’s important to keep the shape maintained so you can look sharp and feel confident everyday.

When you feel attractive and confident, you feel free to be yourself. We want you to feel that way consistently so book an appointment at our barbershop in Taylors, SC or the barbershop in Florence, SC today!

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