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Most styling products are made with harmful chemicals by people who don’t know hair.

At The Mailroom, our products are designed by barbers using plant-based ingredients to keep your hair healthy and under control.




Your hair should be healthy and easy to style

When you use damaging chemicals on your hair, it’s unhealthy and hard to style.


I spent a long time looking for an all natural/biodegradable, water soluble, lightly/no scented hair wax with a matte finish and eventually found this one! The best part, not only does it tick all the boxes for me, have excellent hold with a pleasingly light scent, it was also a steal (compared to other hair products around).

- Nick E.

Beard Oil - The Mailroom Barber Co

This is by far the best beard oil I've ever tried, hands down. I got a free sample and immediately knew I had to purchase a full bottle (I got the Pipe Tobacco, a bit musky but I love it). Since my facial hair is really thick and coarse, the fact that the oil is so thick helps conditions it quite well and makes it a lot easier to comb and style. No itchiness or dandruff either. It's a definite recommendation from me. Plus, the customer service is awesome!

- Ian

Beard Oil - The Mailroom Barber Co

My hair which is generally curly, had gotten frizzy and straight from using cheap drugstore shampoos. I luckily found this shampoo and it restored health and balance back to my hair and my curls are back and hair feels healthier than ever! This shampoo paired with the conditioner is a god send.
On top of the health benefits, it smells amazing too!

- AJ


All of our grooming products are made by hand in small batches.


Our ingredients & packaging are supplied by trusted sources.


We use all natural, plant-based ingredients. No animal testing.


When I was growing up, I would buy gel from the drugstore and it always made my hair feel crunchy and dry. I was frustrated and couldn’t find a product that worked the way I wanted. I also couldn’t find a product with ingredients I trusted.

During my apprenticeship to be a Master Barber, I started making my own hair products to perform the way I thought they should. I was able to make a product using ethically sourced ingredients that kept my hair styled all day and left my hair feeling soft and healthy.

That product worked well for my clients too - and The Mailroom was born.

- Robert Watkins, Owner & Founder

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