Drugstore vs. Salon Products

Drugstore vs. Salon Products

December 27, 2017

By Kayla Bermeo

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Is there really a difference?

Let's think of it this way, drugstore products are like fast food restaurants. They're cheap and convenient, but in the long run, they're not what's best for your body. Your hair is part of your body so why wouldn't you treat it with the same care as any other part of you?

Why is there a difference in price?

Drugstore products contain the same high-grade ingredients that salon products do, however they are much smaller amounts. So what do they put in the place of those ingredients? Chemicals that will give off that oh so sweet shea butter and vanilla scent. But instead of truly hydrating your hair from within, these same chemicals will only leave your hair with a very waxy build up from their attempts to make your hair feel instantly smooth.

Salon products contain vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair from the inside out. They are highly concentrated with high-grade ingredients and contain very few amounts of chemicals and fillers. This is one of the main reasons for the price difference in most products. With that being said, you will end up spending the same amount of money because salon products last much longer due to the fact that you won’t have to use as much product.

Do your research

Turn the bottle around. Take a look at the ingredients. Can you pronounce them? Here’s something to remember; the first ingredient on any label is the number one ingredient used in that product and the last is the weakest. If it contains more water, that means it’s more diluted. If it contains more alcohol, it’s going to dry out your hair much faster. Sulfates also play a huge part in giving your shampoo that great lather that we all enjoy, however that is the main ingredient that’s stripping your vibrant color. A good alternative would be to use a clarifying shampoo about once a month to make sure you’re really giving your hair a good cleaning.

Final thoughts

As cosmetologists, we stand behind the products we use 100%. We hold our products to a very high standard and we hope you do as well. We also want to encourage you to ask us any questions you might have regarding the products we have in the salon or even products that you might have seen elsewhere. We promise to always answer with extreme honesty and do everything we can to help guide you in finding the right products for you.

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